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Patient Voice South is about joining up people, ideas and best practice across boundaries, in the service of outstanding public and patient engagement in the NHS.

Why? Because we believe that only by truly listening to and working with patients, service users, carers and others using the NHS can we improve their experience; there’s no point in ‘engaging’ if it doesn’t make a difference. We believe that the more we can inform, educate, inspire and exchange ideas, the more likely we are to have NHS services that work brilliantly for everyone.  

Patient Voice South is led by NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support. Much of our work is through spreading ideas and examples from one part of the health system to another; through building the networks of people who work in this field (both in the NHS and in the community & voluntary sector); and helping people & organisations overcome the barriers to participation. 

Patient Voice South has been helping to support the very best in NHS patient and public engagement since 2014.

The short film 'A year of the PVS field force' explains the first phase of our work:

The document 'Patients and Public Participation Programme 2014-2015' provides a report on the pilot phase of the project: 

Cover for Patients and Public Participation Programme 2014-2015

Patients and Public Participation Programme 2014-2015

The report describes what we did, and also what the project team learnt and changed as a result. Most importantly, it aims to provide information to organisations who wish to carry on gaining value from the work which Patient Voice ...

How can Patient Voice South help you? 

Our website is a place for you to share resources, ideas and case studies, and connect with others in our Patient Voice & Experience Network.

We also run online learning opportunities, a news bulletin and tweet @PatientVoiceSth. To fully benefit from the programme’s offer, we encourage you to join our Patient Voice & Experience Network, but all of our resources are open to all.



Browse the Patient Voice South library for helpful policy and guidance, case studies, reports and useful links, all relating to healthcare engagement and improving experience. We rely on users to be our librarians - please do submit your resources to help others. 

Email us at patientvoicesouth@swcsu.nhs.uk

We can also work with you on anything from twitter-conversations to a web seminar - just ask. 

You can search for any topic in the Library. We also have easy-access pages for 

  • Carers
  • Maternity
  • Primary care 

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Learning hub  

Learn more about engagement and improving patient and carer experience, or share your knowledge with others via our popular online learning programme. You can advertise events with us too. 

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The Patient Voice & Experience Network 

Our network is free to join and open to anyone with an interest in patient and public engagement and patient experience in the South of England. This includes those working in NHS and voluntary organisations, health professionals, commissioners and patient, carer and public contributors. 

Join our network today 

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As a Patient Voice Network member, you can develop a profile and - using our secure 'Find a buddy' system - find other members or be found yourself. Search for people by name, sector or area of work, and get in touch through our secure messaging system. The role of 'buddy' can be as simple as asking or answering a quick question, or you may wish to regularly share your approaches and initiatives. It's up to you!