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This website has been designed with the needs of people with sight problems in mind, including those who use access technology to browse the Internet. We have also taken on board international guidance and best practice on web accessibility. We are committed to ensuring that this website is accessible to all users irrespective of device in use, technology or ability. This includes people with sight problems, hearing, mobility and cognitive impairments as well as users with older browsers or newer technologies such as smartphones and tablets. Checkpoints have been taken from Website Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines, published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The site is tested regularly to ensure that we are working towards the standards. The site also undergoes user testing by blind and partially sighted users. We test the website using the following browsers:


  • Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Chrome 33 and 34
  • Firefox 28 and 29


  • Chrome 33 and 34
  • Firefox 28 and 29
  • Safari 7 Mobile
  • Apple iOS - Safari 6 on iOS6 and Safari 7 on iOS7
  • Android - Default web browser and Chrome 33 Compatibility with tools

This site should be compatible with recent versions of the following screen readers:

  • Jaws
  • ZoomText
  • NVDA
  • VoiceOver
  • Window Eyes
  • Supernova screen readers
  • Magicetc

The site should also be compatible with:

  • basic operating system screen magnifiers
  • speech recognition software
  • operating system speech packages

If you have any comments and or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us about the site by emailing

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While we have tried to compile accurate information on this site - and to keep it updated we cannot guarantee that it is 100% complete or correct.

The information provided on this site does not constitute professional advice and is subject to change.


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