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At Patient Voice South we’re all about creating a community where you can develop your skills.  Our aim is to join up people and their work across organisational and geographical boundaries. The Patient Voice South Online Learning Programme means we can bring together people in discussion who would never otherwise meet, and this has been said to be one of the most powerful aspects of the shared learning.

The Patient Voice South Online Learning Programme 2016-17

The Learning Programme for this year includes web seminars and Online Learning Meetings. The web seminars bring together two or more experts in their field, from different sectors or areas, with plenty of time for discussion amongst the participants. Online Learning Meetings bring together 5-7 people in a chaired discussion to discuss a particular topic.

This year we are focusing on some key themes and priorities identified by NHS England Patient experience team, including: Cancer, Carers, Learning disabilities, Maternity, Patient and carer leaders, Primary care.

Both the online meetings and seminars have proved to be a popular and effective way of sharing ideas, providing short, intensive learning. There is no need for specialist equipment, and the barriers of travel time and expense are eliminated.

All of the topics have been identified by members of the Patient Voice and Experience Network. Just let us know if you have a suggestion, by emailing patientvoicesouth@swcsu.nhs.uk

Recordings of all 'open' Webinars are available on the Patient Voice website

Where possible, copies of presentations, audio recordings of the webinar and associated resources will be available on the Patient Voice website, so you can catch up with these in your own time. 

Primary Care
The Patient Voice in Primary Care: Involving patients to make a difference
This Patient Voice South web seminar, held on September 14th 2016, was led by Paul Devlin, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP ).
You can catch up with presentations, a video recording of the webinar and associated resources in  Primary care 

Maternity online learning meetings, October 2016, January 2017 
Online learning meetings held with lay members of local Maternity Services Liasion Committees so share ideas and resources. 
You can catch up with associated resources in Maternity  

Carers online learning meeting, October 2016  
Online learning meeting held for local carers improvement projects. 
You can catch up with associated resources in Carers