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These resources are to help organisations, professionals and patient and carer leaders to support you in improving how well patients’ experiences are being heard, and how this can make a difference.

When patients use the NHS, it’s likely to be at the GP practice. With around 340 million consultations a year, primary care is where most people experience the NHS. 

The resources include: Guidance and policy, webinar resources from Patient Voice South webinars, case studies and projects that provide examples of good practice, useful links and a link to all Primary Care resources in the Patient Voice South library. 

Guidance and policy 

Practical guide to Building Better Participation by National Association Patient Participation (NAPP)

The 2016 NAPP practical guide Building Better Participation, which covers topics including getting Patient participation groups (PPGs) in place, helping PPGs work well, knowing and working with patients and influencing beyond the GP practice. Take a look at this online guide: Building Better Participation

PPG guides and tools from Scottish Health Council

The Scottish Health Council has produced a Patient participation group (PPG) start-up guide to help general practices establish a new group, and a PPG development tool to help evaluate and grow existing ones. 

Webinar resources

Webinar resources - The Patient Voice in Primary Care: Involving patients to make a difference

This Patient Voice South web seminar, held on September 14th 2016, was led by Paul Devlin, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP). 

  • Download the PDF of Paul Devlin’s presentation, which describes some of the barriers and the benefits of good engagement in primary care. 
  • Watch/Listen to the video recording of the web seminar. The recording is 55 minutes, including the discussion with the 27 participants.
  • Read the comments that were recorded during the Webinar around some of the discussion points and questions raised in the web seminar. 

Case studies and projects

Working closely with Patient participation groups, St Thomas Health Centre, Exeter.
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been inspecting general practices under its new inspection model since October 2014. The CQC highlighted St Thomas Health Centre in Exeter as an example of 'outstanding practice', where ‘the Carers Support Group and Friends of St Thomas Health Centre groups offered lunch clubs for housebound patients, a telephone support service, sitting and befriending services, weekly social events and supported carers.’

Engaging with children and young people, Wellbeck Road Health Centre, Derbyshire.
The CQC identified this practice as having ‘an outstanding approach to the care of children and young people.

Leadership by Patient participation groups in primary care health research
Whitehorse Medical Practice Oxfordshire, Charnwood Community Centre, Loughborough
National Association for Patient Participation awards 

Patient participation groups in North and West Reading  and North Dorset Clinical Commissioning groups.

Patient participation in GP practices
A Local study (Wiltshire) which reports on the intentional development of Patient participation groups. Published by Healthwatch Wiltshire (December 2016). 

Crawley Down Health Centre Patient participation group website

Primary care library resources 

The Patient Voice South library includes a collection of more resources to help you champion patient experience and public participation in your organisation. 

Primary Care library resources